Gift Like You Mean It Share Gifting

Gift your loved ones a slice of their favourite company. It’s smart, simple and personal.


Pick Blue Chip shares and ETFs from Australia and International markets

Gift Smart, Every Time

With just 2 minutes and for a minimum of $10, you could give a gift that may keep on giving.

Personalised Messaging

Top off your winning gift with a personalised message.

Easy Redemption

Claiming the shares is simple and fee-free.

Go Big!

Pick ASX and US fractional shares & ETFs in companies you love.

Serious Made Simple

No experience, no worries! Designed with beginners in mind, we make it easy to gift and receive shares.

On Demand E-Delivery

Instant or scheduled surprise, you tell us when to deliver the goods.

How it Works

It’s never been easier to gift shares.


Go Share Shopping!

Select the company and amount you want to gift.


Get Down With The Details

Enter your recipient’s information and when you want their gift delivered (via e-mail).


Add a Personal Touch

Add some sparkle with a personalised video card and  message.


Last Minute Larry?

We’ve got you covered with instant e-mail delivery.


Choose shares from your recipient’s favourite

Wise Owl?

Invest in a child’s future and start them on the investing path.


Our digital delivery leaves no trace.

The Future Of Gifting Is Here

Gifting shares is smart, progressive and the perfect antidote to gifting fatigue.


Have questions? We’ve got the answers.

What is Upstreet?

Upstreet is a platform where you can earn fractional shares every time you shop. Learn more about how it works here.

Can I send a personalised message with my gift?

Yes, add your own message to the gift card to give it that personal touch.

Are there any tax obligations?

The recipient does not need to pay tax at the time of redeeming the Gift Card. As fractional shares are an investment product, tax may apply to your investment with Upstreet upon sale.

Can the recipient withdraw the fractional shares?

Yes, the recipient may sell their shares through Upstreet for free by emailing Limitations apply. See the PDS for more details.

Can I give a gift card to someone under 18?

Yes. You can send a gift card to someone under the age of 18. If a person under the age of 18 receives a Gift Card, we require their guardian to redeem the gift card on their behalf. The guardian must also be an Australian resident for tax purposes. The under 18 year old receiver will then be able to view their gift(s) in a special part of the guardian’s account.

Can I send a gift to someone living overseas?

Yes, however, in order to redeem a Gift Card, a recipient must be an Australian resident for tax purposes.

Is there a limit to the value and number of gift cards which can be redeemed by a person?

Yes. There is a limit of $1000 for each individual gift card. A person is limited to redeeming a maximum of $10,000.00 in any three (3) months. If this limit is exceeded, the Gift Card will not be able to be redeemed and the user must wait until they will be over the time limit.

What is the expiry date of my gift card?

All Gift Cards expire 36 months (i.e. 3 years) from the date of purchase. See our terms and conditions for more information.

Can I change the shares I have received to other shares?

No. Once you have purchased a share gift with a defined share holding, it cannot be changed. However, you may sell those shares and make a new purchase. To sell you shares, simply contact us at and we will walk you through the process.

How to gift shares in Australia?

With Upstreet’s share gifting program anyone, no matter the country or citizenship status, can gift shares to any Australian citizen or visa holder.

Testimonials Hear from our customers

Elly Z

“Amazingly simple! I received the gift in my email, claimed it, picked a share and it was in my Upstreet account. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was and the sheer number of ETF and ASX choices I could choose from. Overall it was a process that took 2mins. I simply pressed 2 buttons and the shares were in my account. Can’t wait to start gifting my family and friends!”

James D

Upstreet’s gift sharing experience was quick, easy and really a simple process to follow to ensure you get your gift. The ability to choose a share and the excitement of watching your portfolio grow is fantastic. I have been telling anyone who will listen about the gift sharing and Upstreet in general.

Coco M

“Upstreet’s share gift card integrates greeting cards and investment opportunities, which is truly innovative. I particularly love the clear step-by-step guide for claiming the gift, and the heartwarming personalised message section. It really adds an additional layer of meaning to the gift”